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Sustainability Resources

Are you looking to dive deeper into ClimateActionWR reports and initiatives? Or, do you want to learn about how you can help to reduce our community’s greenhouse gas emissions? We’ve compiled a list of useful resources to help get you started!

These resources are intended to support members of Waterloo Region in taking action to reduce our community’s carbon footprint. Many of these resources are specific to our community, with the aim of making it easier than ever to reduce Waterloo Region’s greenhouse gas emissions as a community.

If you want to learn about Waterloo Region’s five emitting sectors and some of the local initiatives working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within each sector, head over to our Greenhouse Gas Emissions Breakdown page for more information.

Resources By Sector:

Click the links below to jump to a specific sector’s resources:

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ClimateActionWR Resources

Our Community’s First Climate Action Plan
TransformWR Climate Action Strategy
Other Supporting Resources

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Transportation Resources

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Workplace Resources

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Residential Resources

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Agricultural Resources

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Waste Resources

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