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Our Team

ClimateActionWR is a collaboration between local organizations and community members focused on climate change mitigation, and is led by Reep Green Solutions and Sustainable Waterloo Region.

Team Members

Samantha Tremmel

Plan Manager

Mara Mackay

Project Coordinator

Sarah Fries

Marketing Coordinator

Megan Gereghty

Local Policy Researcher

Sandra Biskupovic

Community Action Researcher

Andreas Mertes

80 by 50 Technical Advisor

Valerie Chong

Communications Specialist

Management Committee

Mary Jane Patterson

Executive Director

Reep Green Solutions

Tova Davidson

Executive Director

Sustainable Waterloo Region

Kate Daley

Environmental Sustainability Specialist         

Region of Waterloo

Lisa Keys

Manager of Facilities

City of Cambridge

Claire Bennett

Corporate Sustainability Officer

City of Kitchener

Anna Marie Cipriani

Sustainability Coordinator

City of Waterloo

Transition 2050 Partners

Action Owners and Partners

Sector Committees

Transportation Sector Committee

David Trueman, Committee Chair


  • Ashley Cullen
  • Daniel Brotherston
  • Dorothy McCabe
  • Elanor Waslander
  • Jenessa Doherty
  • Maria Legault
  • Mat Thijssen
  • Miranda Burton
  • Tino Fernandes
  • Tom Strickland
  • Yige Tong

Workplaces Sector Committee

Jennifer McLaughlin, Committee Chair


  • Andrea Bale
  • Aisling Dennett
  • Ashton Romany
  • Dane Labonte
  • Edward Saxon
  • Jay Judkowitz
  • Jeff Quint
  • John Koko
  • Joseph Tanel
  • Scott Morton Ninomiya
  • Walid Ibrahim

Residential Sector Committee

Michele Martin & Matthew Day, Committee Chairs


  • Carole Boucher
  • Christine Jewell
  • Heather McDiarmid
  • Jame Zaiyouna
  • Kristine Dearlove
  • Laura Hamilton
  • Martina Braunstein
  • Rebecca McIntosh
  • Ryan Fobel
  • Sara Clark
  • Victoria Gignac

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