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Zero Waste Living: Soup, Soap and Sewing!

Join the Zero Waste Challenge kickoff event aimed at helping you learn skills and strategies to decrease your waste and implement the 5 Rs of Zero Waste Living. For this year’s event, we welcome three Zero Waste community champions to the virtual stage: Shefaza Esmail, Patricia Huynh and Elysha Schuhbauer. Each presenter will teach you a Zero Waste skill, with a live Q&A period to follow! Event details will be communicated after registration.

Topic #1: Reducing Food Waste with Shefaza

Shefaza will discuss two ways to address “unavoidable” food waste at home: making your own soup stock from vegetable scraps and composting at home using red wriggler worms. Both approaches allow for a better understanding of personal dietary choices and food waste habits.

Topic #2: Making Your Own Skincare Products with Patricia

Patricia will discuss how to use products you may have at home (or can buy zero waste) to make your own skincare products. During the presentation, she will cover lotion bars and lip balm, but Patricia will discuss other products as well!

Topic #3: Mending Your Clothes with Elysha

Elysha will demonstrate some mending techniques that can easily be done by hand to help extend the life of your favourite clothes. They’ll also discuss the merits of different types of textiles and how you can build your wardrobe with mendability in mind.

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