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Heat Pump Water Heaters for Your Home

Heat Pumps for your Home 101 Webinar Series

Impacts of climate change are unfolding all over the world. The good news is that solutions exist, ready to be implemented. Ordinary citizens can fight climate change and improve the comfort of their homes with heat pumps for space and for water heating.

Space and water heating represent 81% of a typical Canadian home’s energy use, and generally involve burning fossil fuels. Heat pumps require only electricity and therefore don’t produce greenhouse gas emissions at the point of use. However, finding the right heat pump for your home can seem daunting. ClimateAction Waterloo Region is hosting two webinars to simplify the process.

Webinar #1: Heat Pump Water Heaters for your Home

This webinar will explore what heat pump water heaters are, how they work, and lived experiences. The session will be interactive and allow attendees to ask questions to technical experts and experienced users. 

With guest speaker, Joseph Tanel. Joseph has been working in the energy efficiency sector since graduating from Seneca in 2013. He has worked on a number of projects in Ontario such the Evolv1 Net Zero building in Waterloo, and many others within the GTA. Joe incorporates energy efficiency into his life wherever possible and tries to educate others to do the same for the better of the environment.

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