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ClimateActionWR Community Climate Talks *Let’s Talk About Waste*

Introducing the *Community Climate Talks* workshop series! 🍽️♻️🌎

Join ClimateActionWR as we host a series of hybrid workshops in your community to learn how to take climate action in your life! Each session will consist of guest speakers, panels and opportunities to engage with other community members and attendees.

Register NOW for the *Community Climate Talks* *Let’s Talk About Waste* workshop 🍽️!

Thurs, Nov 30th at 7 pm at Wilmot Recreation Complex.

Join us for a workshop about our waste systems, climate change, and how to use them to take climate action!

Click here to register for the *Let’s Talk About Waste* workshop.

1291 Nafziger Rd, Baden, ON N3A 0C4

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