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TransformWR Progress Dashboard

Welcome to the TransformWR Progress Dashboard

Our New Progress Reporting Tool For Waterloo Region

We are building a better future for our community through climate action and every business, organization, municipality and individual has a role to play! TransformWR is our community’s climate action strategy and will help guide the community as we collectively do the work to transition Waterloo Region to a more equitable, prosperous, resilient low carbon community.

As our community works hard at implementation of all the actions in TransformWR, it can get a little a little tricky to keep track of all the great progress we are making. That is why ClimateActionWR would like to introduce you to our TransformWR progress reporting tool, called the TransformWR Progress Dashboard, that will show you a breakdown of all 78 actions in the TransformWR strategy and the most up to date progress publicly available all housed in one dashboard.

How To Navigate the Tool?

Once you enter the tool you will see a home page listing all Six Transformative Changes within the TransformWR strategy. You may click on one of those to explore the sub strategies and then the actions within each.

You may also navigate the tool by clicking on any of the sub-pages: Transformative Changes, Actions, Indicators and About, to learn more about each.

Once you select an action you will be able to view the most up to date progress on that action that is publicly available. Some of this information includes:

For more information please see our TransformWR Progress Dashboard FAQ and Frequently Used Terms.

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