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Dream Team Leads to Accelerated Climate Action in Waterloo Region

By: Samantha Tremmel

September 25th, 2019

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Two local consulting firms bring their strengths together with ClimateActionWR to develop Waterloo Region’s long-term Climate Action Strategy. 

(Waterloo Region, ON) September 19th, 2019 – ClimateActionWR has partnered with Unless Design Partners and WalterFedy, bringing together their specialized expertise to develop Waterloo Region’s long-term community Climate Action Strategy to achieve an 80% local greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction by 2050.

Unless Design Partners, a non-profit consulting firm specializing in stakeholder and community engagement, and WalterFedy, an architecture and engineering firm with technical experience developing greenhouse gas and community energy plans, will work collaboratively with the ClimateActionWR team. Together, they will engage the community and develop the technical pathway for Waterloo Region’s long-term Climate Action Strategy to achieve the 80 per cent GHG emission reduction target by 2050, as well as the accompanying short-term Climate Action Plan to address the first ten years.

“We’re grateful to be involved in a project that has the potential to impact everyone in the region and beyond, as we take great care to put our energy towards work that builds sustainable futures for people and the planet. We’re fueled by the gravity of this project and excited to collaborate with such a fantastic and talented team.”– Unless Design Partners. 

The 80 per cent GHG reduction target was endorsed by all eight municipalities in Waterloo Region. The large-scale community collaboration earned ClimateActionWR a Transition 2050 grant from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to empower them to complete this important work.

“Supporting our community means continually planning for the future and ensuring that as our community grows, we remain ahead of its needs. With Community Building, Environmental Sustainability, and Integrity among our firm’s core values, we are excited to work with this local collaborative team to create a Climate Action Strategy that will support our community for years to come.”- Patrick Darby, Energy Management Solutions, WalterFedy.

“Developing the long and short term action plans are no small tasks. Getting this right will require hearing as many voices and perspectives from across the region as possible. This will include working with local industry experts, academics, and citizens including everyone from students to the elderly, new Canadians to long-term residents of the region, and community members with all backgrounds, education levels, and areas of expertise.” – Samantha Tremmel, Interim Plan Manager, ClimateActionWR.

Several initiatives will begin in early Fall aimed at collecting valuable insight from the community, and ClimateActionWR wants to hear from you! Stay tuned to the ClimateActionWR website and social media, and watch for them at local community events in the coming weeks for updates on their progress, and opportunities to get involved and share your voice.

About ClimateActionWR

ClimateActionWR is a collaboration between local organizations and community members focused on climate change mitigation, and is led by Sustainable Waterloo Region and Reep Green Solutions. It coordinates the activities of our community’s Climate Action Plans with a current greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction target of 6% below 2010 levels by 2020, and a long-term target of 80% GHG reduction by 2050.

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Samantha Tremmel, Interim Plan Manager

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