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Climate Rally: 80 by 50 Events Celebrate 80% Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Reduction Target in Waterloo Region

By: Katarina Milicic

June 14th, 2018

ClimateActionWR launches celebratory events in Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge to transition into a low carbon future!

Waterloo Region, ON. The Region of Waterloo, and cities of Cambridge, Kitchener, and Waterloo councils have unanimously approved an 80% greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction target by 2050. To celebrate, ClimateActionWR will rally residents across the Region to show their support for this target and build awareness around climate action in Waterloo Region.

The first stop will be at the Township of Wellesley’s Backyard Barbeque, where ClimateActionWR will be engaging attendees at the Community Information Forum:

  • Township of Wellesley Event: Township of Wellesley Administration Office, June 22, 5 pm to 7 pm

“We are incredibly excited to announce the Region’s adoption of this 80% target,” ClimateActionWR Plan Manager, Katarina Milicic said, “The Climate Rally: 80 by 50 events will be a celebration of that decision and the catalyst to jumpstart our transition into a low-carbon, sustainable future.”

Two events in Kitchener and Cambridge will be hosted by ClimateActionWR to promote local and emerging initiatives and organizations committed to climate action.

These celebratory, interactive community events will usher in a new direction for climate action in Waterloo Region:

  • Kitchener – Waterloo Event: Kitchener City Hall Rotunda, Wednesday, June 27, 5 pm to 6:30 pm
  • Cambridge Event: Cambridge City Hall Bowman Room, Thursday, July 5, 5 pm to 6:30 pm

These two celebrations will include free food, local musicians, and ‘speed dating’ rounds where community members will get to know local groups that support citizens in reducing greenhouse gas emissions across all sectors.  Interactive activities at each booth will give a hands-on experience to enable participants to initiate their own climate action opportunities.

ClimateActionWR will celebrate the Climate Rally: 80 by 50 events with community members, initiatives, organizations, and youth that will contribute to the long-term target. All are welcome, and ClimateActionWR anticipates that registration will fill up quickly. Everyone can register for the Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge events at

Contact Katarina Milicic,, 226-476-1659 for additional comments.

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