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Become an Industry Leader in Low Emission

June 16th, 2017

20170125-Circular_Economy-41Become an Industry Leader in Low Emissions

Why should my organization care about lowering its workplace emissions?

  1. It’s good business! Reducing emissions can help you curb your energy expenses, attract new customers, and retain employees.
  2. It creates a better community. Taking action to reduce your organization’s environmental impact creates a more positive work environment by uniting employees towards a common goal. It also improves your connection to the wider community as you examine your impact on your neighbouring organizations and residents.

What can I do?

  • As an employee, you can encourage your coworkers to avoid using the elevators. Climbing the stairs is great exercise and has zero effect on your carbon footprint!
  • Take it a step further by creating a green team with like-minded colleagues to help your organization create and achieve emission reduction goals.
  • As an employer, you check out the SaveONEnergy and Union Gas/Kitchener Utilities incentives available to you.
  • Take it a step further by joining the Regional Sustainability Initiative to set an emission reduction target, take advantage of great resources, and gain recognition in your industry for your sustainability work.

For more options or information about how to reduce your carbon footprint, please read Our Progress, Our Path.

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