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Positive Feedback on Canada’s Progress on Climate Change Plan

March 15th, 2016

Earlier this month, Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and Canada’s first ministers convened in Vancouver at a conference to establish a framework to battle climate change. The first ministers are composed of the provincial and territorial premiers. Together they drafted a policy plan which is expected to be effective in early 2017.

The outcome was satisfactory as the ministers came to an agreement for a lower-carbon future. Though the plan is still in its primitive stages, it is received warmly and eagerly by many Canadians whom anticipate a reduction in emissions through carbon taxes and other measures. In a decade, this is the first time the national government has assembled to discuss climate change. Canadians are optimistic since the previous government under Stephen Harper was infamous for silencing scientists especially pertaining to matters about the environment. British Columbia’s premier Christy Clark added this rationale saying,

This is not the end. I understand that. But I hope Canadians will look at it and say, they got together, they made progress, it’s a start.

One Canadian in particular, Prince Edward Island’s Premier Wade MacLauchlan gleamed proudly of the province’s efforts to transition to renewable energy though this is just the beginning. He added,

We have to move to a cleaner climate that’s going to be there for future generations.

One of the most pressing issues to tackle climate change can be seen through carbon pricing on a national level as promised by federal environment minister, Catherine McKenna.

In the months to follow, we can expect more research conducted to accurately respond to the concerns and conditions of each province and territory. This working group will advise on clean technology, innovation and jobs, carbon reduction and adaptation.

The matter of climate change will be a topic on discussion when the first ministers assemble later this year.

In Waterloo Region, ClimateActionWR works with dedication and collaboration with services such as Community CarShare, Sustainable Waterloo Region and REEP Green Solutions to reduce carbon emissions. With the support of the new government and its new environmental policies, it allows these programs to flourish which will support a cleaner and greener community.

Here are a couple more notable Canadian accomplishments fighting climate change:

  • There are more clean tech companies listed on Canada’s stock exchange than any other stock exchange in the world.
  • Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance’s awareness for environmental technologies was greeted and support by oil producers.

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